Workshop: Once Upon A Time


Real life is not a fairy tale, but we can help you to live happier ever after!

The ‘Once Upon A Time’ course has a unique approach to parenting skills and was awarded the CANparent Quality Mark in 2015.

This course of five 2-hour sessions explores a range of high-quality children’s books to show parents:

  • what being a child is like
  • how to build stronger family relationships
  • practical ways to support learning at home
  • wonderful children’s literature

The classes cover subjects such as separation anxiety, giving feedback and praise, boundaries and routines, play and learning, and the importance of making time for parents’ needs.

Participants choose a free children’s book to keep during each session.

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I liked sharing experiences with others and learning new things.

The classes gave me the chance to learn and understand
the different steps in child's development

I felt free to talk about anything and gained excellent
solutions to try with all three of my children