Workshop: Mind the Gap


‘Mind the Gap’ is designed to address the well-documented phenomenon of ‘reading loss’ over the holidays. The aim of the programme is to provide ideas and strategies that motivate children’s interest in books and reading, and enable families to share enjoyable playful experiences. Each family is given a scrapbook and ‘book recipes’ to inspire creative and playful activities at home.

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It made me feel lucky because mummy did the book with just me. We read lots of books together and she got me a dinosaur book with flaps in. I look at that all the time. Now I take lots of books home with me in my reading folder.

My mum told me stories that she knew from when she was a little girl.

I loved making my book with mummy it was just me and her. We took photos, I liked the ones we took on holiday. I
want to make one of these books every holiday with mummy. It was a special book.