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Dear Schools,

The research on the impact of parental involvement on children’s achievement is clear: what parents do at home makes a huge difference to children’s learning at school.

All teachers know this and so do most parents. But many parents lead busy and stressful lives and want practical support and information from someone they can trust with their family and personal matters. Most teachers, even if they had the time to spare, recognise that their expertise is in working with children, rather than adults.

That’s where Ampersand can help. Our workshops and courses have a real impact on parents’ involvement in their children’s learning.

Building on many years’ experience of this successful work, we can develop solutions that are right for your school and community. To discuss ideas or book classes or workshops please get in touch.


We all know we need to increase parental involvement and engagement and Ampersand did just that. Parents and Grandparents were actively involved with their child for the whole morning. Everyone loved it. If you know that you should and could be doing more, I’d thoroughly recommend Clio and Ampersand.

Kate Frood, Headteacher at Eleanor Palmer Primary School, London NW5

We had wonderful feedback from the ‘Once Upon a Time’ classes. Parents found it really useful to have support from someone outside of school. I also found the sessions really helpful and they gave me an insight into concerns and areas that parents need help with at home.

Clare Watkins, teacher at St Joseph’s School, London WC1